About Us

The New Mexico Prickly Pear Festival is the second in an annual series that seeks to celebrate everything prickly pear; food, art, music. The festival will feature an online marketplace of vendors selling a vast variety of prickly pear products, live streamed cooking demonstrations showing visitors new and interesting ways to use prickly pear in their own kitchens, a cocktail making demo, a drive-thru market, live-stream music, art, and much more.

Festival Mission

The idea for the festival came out of conversations with our partners at the Three Sisters Kitchen about how to create greater use of native sustainable foods like prickly pears and how these could be a resource for new and existing farmers, food processors, and food businesses in New Mexico. 

Our mission for the festival is fourfold:

  1. To create greater market and use of native sustainable foods like prickly pears, and boost their role as an agricultural resource for New Mexico.
  2. To support small food business, food processors, and farmers, particularly those that incorporate native and sustainable foods into their businesses. 
  3. To center prickly pears' history as an Indigenous food in the US Southwest and Mexico and raise Native voices and traditional use of prickly pear and other endemic plants and foods. 
  4. To create a space for enjoyment and celebration of prickly pears and other native foods of the Southwest.